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General Info.

Color Corps Drill Manual and Laws

Information about the Color Corps of the Patriotic Degree is available here
Drill Manuals (Item 808):

  • The current (Sept. 2020) Color Corps Drill Manual is online here

  • The previous (Jan. 2018) Color Corps Drill Manual is available here.

The Laws and Rules Governing the Fourth Degree of the Knights of Columbus (WITH AMENDMENTS TO AND INCLUDING THE YEAR 2017) is available here.



FORM 4​​

Form and payment are sent to the Assembly, hosting the degree exemplification (see the meal reservation form for the proper person and address). Obtain and submit a Form 4 application today! Follow these instructions


By clicking this link you can email District Master Robert "Bob" Masse, Jr., and let him know you would like to join the Patriotic Degree and MAKE A DIFFERENCE 


download the PDF Form-4 now and email it to him @


Color Corps Uniform

The Color Corps is an elective division of the Fourth Degree, whose distinctive presence in parades, wreath-laying ceremonies, Confirmations, and other Catholic functions is a visible reminder of our service to the community.  The ceremonial sword symbolizes Christian Knighthood and is carried to signify reverence for Church, Eucharist, country, and freedom.  The Color Corps uniform is ordered through the website  Swords are sold separately from The English Company.
Memo on new uniform (effective 01-JUL-2019).  Memo from Uniform Supplier (The Supply Room) February 2020.


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